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Data Recovery

Recover data quickly and avoid costly backup solutions by Designing Smart. We have cost effective solutions for protecting both your on-premise and cloud based data.

Even in the cloud, data protection is necessary. Most Cloud data loss is accidental, or due to ransomware and other malware.  Most vendors, even Microsoft delete data after 30 days.

Although there are many solutions available to end users and businesses of all kinds The time-to-Recovery is often overlooked in evaluating solutions.

Our Cloud backup solutions can be found here, for computer and server hard drive failures, information is below.

Data Recovery can be Hardware or Software

Cloud Storage is Prone to Human Error

Avoid Losing Cloud Data with a Cloud Backup

Recover Hard Drives, Raid Array, SSD Drives

We use best of breed Recovery Lab


Steps To Take When You’ve Lost Your Data

If you are viewing this page, you are most likely in trouble and you know it. You may have suspicions that trouble is imminent. Perhaps power surges and outages are taking a toll on your equipment, your equipment is old or systems are extremely slow and you have reasons to be concerned. It the worst case your hard drive or RAID array has failed.

Even if you have significant systems management experience, the situation may be unfamiliar to you. Best practice demands that you now review your support options. Not all may be as dark as the situation presents, perhaps the system is under warranty, or you have available support incidents with Microsoft that were bundled into your licensing terms. Perhaps you have onsite next-business-day hardware support from you hardware vendor (all of our clients certainly do).

Whatever you do, do not start flailing at the system trying this and that without understanding the consequences of your actions. Reinstalling the operating system will solve some issues and perhaps create many more. Potential recovery actions should be evaluated for secondary and unforeseen consequences. Do not bang or jar a hard drive in an attempt to free up the heads as you may render the data unrecoverable.

You may want to consider letting others who routinely handle disaster recovery situations assist you.

There is no substitute for experience! Contact us for assistance or to obtain a second opinion. If we cannot help you or your situation requires a hands on approach to the problem and we are not in your geographic area, we can assist you in locating a qualified technician or firm that can.

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