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Outside of a CPA's office or the school of business, real people would see these words and wonder what they have to do with making a business more efficient by using computer technology. But when you drill down just a little bit you see how much these words matter.

Our economy right now is having a difficult time making  capital available for business to expand.

Imagine that you really want to grow your business right now and part of that requires upgrading your computer hardware and software. If you can't get the money in advance to buy all that you need, you are restricted from growing at the pace you want to grow.

Now add the Microsoft Cloud solution where you don't need to buy quite as much hardware today but can deploy new services that make you more competitive. You can hire one more worker, leverage one more group of people and accelerate sales and reduce the cost of business now.

Does that idea sound appealing to you?

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Why Should I Care About Security?

Almost every business today is using a corporate class firewall and has people who are not at the main building but need to remote connect. How secure are your people being and what levels of protection do you have in place?

In today's robust computer driven business environment, it is critical that you know what is happening with email security, virus and malware protection, data backup, file undelete protection and disaster preparedness.

When trouble does come your way some day, you will need to act quickly. Make sure that a simple thing like allowing workers remote access does not compromise your business.

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Microsoft Office 365 for small business is still "the tool." ACE INTERNET can show you the HOW-TO for implementing the complete line of Microsoft Cloud Services and Tools for your business: email, document management, connecting with employees and customers...more


Domain name registration, web hosting, email service, SSL certificates and other online services are all available here to purchase.


Directions On Microsoft
A third party independent information source on Microsoft technologies and products.


The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values indicate faster and more reliable connections.
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Ace Internet is Microsoft MCP and SBS Qualified: more

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