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Web Site Details

One of the fun things about web sites is that they are as big as their owners want them to be. As such it is often hard to give a pre-development quote. Often is takes about 4 rounds of action:

  1. Initial Meeting
  2. Site Development Meeting
  3. Pre-Posting Meeting
  4. Final Editing review and Posting Meeting

A simple site advances quickly through this process and a complicated one requires additional sub-steps.

The packages below help to give "ball-park" numbers or specific quotes for sites with limitations listed.

Please call and let's discuss before you get too far into estimating which package is right for you.

Web Site Packages

Option 1 - Starter Site Special

Two pages of text
Two customer provided images
Text only navigation tools
Simple custom background

Price: $199

Additional pages with one image: $25 each


Option 2 - Advanced Business Site

Five pages of text
Ten customer provided images
Ten hypertext links
Custom background
One image map
Button or bar navigation tools

Price: $425

Additional pages with up to two images: $25 each


Option 3 -  Complete Business Web Site

Ten pages of text
Twenty customer provided images
Forty hypertext and button links
Three image maps
Graphical navigation bars
Two basic CGI scripted activities
Custom background

Price: $1,225

Additional pages with up to four images: $25

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