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from Microsoft on Response Point

Although many small businesses think of computer solutions just as PC's and Servers, that is just not the case. Microsoft has many kinds of solutions for many kinds of business needs.

Ace Internet, as a Microsoft Partner, is interested in providing you top level solutions to some of your telephone needs. Response Point is Microsoft's answer to small business telephone systems. This integrated, easy to use telephone system has fantastic features and is extremely easy to set up. Once set up, it gives your customers a telephone experience that makes them feel like they are dealing with an extremely customer-centered business. A good phone experience to your company is very impressive to both new and existing customers.

This fantastic solution for small businesses by Microsoft includes hardware, software and a complete package. The first "phone call" you make on your new system can be as easy as just speaking into the phone to dial. It is fun, easy and efficient!

Some of the exciting features of this new offering are:


Automated Receptionist


Innovative voice recognition technology


Quick setup




Easily scalable for up to 50 users—no additional license fees. But cost effective for 2,3 or 4 as well.


Routes calls and answers common caller questions with an automated system.


Use standard analog or VoIP phone lines.


Connecting your business to the Internet with the best technology

Ace Internet can help you get your questions answered and start you saving money off your current telephone expenses. Ace has partnered with Response Point hardware vendors, distributors and telecom companies to help your business compete.

As economic times are rapidly changing, and you may have to make decisions on office staffing, a solution like Microsoft Response Point can ease up the pressure on you to make sure your phone calls CONSISTENTLY get answered and routed to you!

Call today for a quick quote on a system.

** NOTE: Microsoft has a fantastic financing program that can possibly create a payment that is lower than you are paying for your older phone system today OR get you started with a new phone system today and no payments for 6 months!

Check out the Microsoft offering from the their web site as well. Click Here.

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