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10 Reasons to get a Tune Up

If your company has never had a Network Tune Up then you may not realize all of the immediate benefits that you will receive upon its completion. Below are ten of the most compelling benefits to your company.

As you know, a tune up will not solve all problems. The tune up catches problems early, before they become serious failures. The tune up prevents potential failure from delivering a business surprise when you cannot afford to have it happen.

A Network Tune Up will:

  1. Tell you if you have the right Virus Protection Software
  2. Tell you if your Virus Protection is software installed properly
  3. Tell you how long your Virus Protection software will protect you
  4. Tell you if you have adequate desktop system security
  5. Tell you if you have adequate network storage security
  6. Tell you if you have adequate Internet protections from unknown threats
  7. Tell you if you have an adequate Internet connection
  8. Tell you if you are paying a fair price for Internet service
  9. Confirm the existence of a backup plan
  10. Test recovery of a document

After a tune up is complete you will have one binder documenting all of your systems. A one-page assessment of your entire business-computing network will state where you are. You will know for sure that your system is safe and running well or know the steps needed to get there.

A free telephone consultation is available to determine if your company is a good candidate to schedule a tune up. Please call Ace Internet Services at (206) 551-7000 and take the first steps to peace of mind regarding your computers.

Ace Internet Services specializes in Network and Internet Technologies. Ace can help you implement computer practices that save your business time and money.


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