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Making good decisions for your business requires accurate information on your assets. It also takes knowledge of the industry and your equipment. Computers are one of the most valuable resources your company has, but it takes time and knowledge to stay on top of these tools. For instance, did you know there are currently more than 100,000 known viruses, spyware and other dangers out there with the list growing daily…how protected are you?

The pace of business is being pushed to a new, faster, higher level due in part to the Internet. As a business manager, you cannot afford to ignore computer resources and Internet connections. But, who has the time to focus on these resources and how do you accurately assess these complicated tools?

Your starting point to gaining the upper hand in computer resource management is a Network Tune-up offered by Ace Internet Services. You tune-up your car, you tune-up your body, why not tune up your network?

The Network Tune-up takes about two hours for most small networks* and it occurs onsite at your business. Network connectivity, network security, virus protection, computer resources and overall network health are assessed. Upon completion, you receive a complete written report, a logical diagram of your network, a list of equipment broken down by computer, a virus threat assessment, a security assessment, and an overall summary. This information will be delivered in a network management notebook. It can be used in the future to organize all computer documentation and system reports.

Ace Internet Services has an introductory offer that can get you started today.

Call Ace Internet Services at (206) 551-7000 and mention the web site to schedule your tune-up. The tune-up is regularly $199 for up to 2 hours work, but this offer guarantees an additional hour of consulting. 

Put your computer network as a top priority this Fall and schedule your tune up today!

NOTE. Just a reminder that the Basic Package of the Network Tune-up includes a 1 to 5 computer network. To expanding the tune-up to a 6 to 10 computer network adds call pricing.

* Small networks contain about five computers. Please call for a quote on larger networks.


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