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MICROSOFT Office365 Is your solutions for Small Busniess

  Some call it cloud computing and others call it hosted services...either way this is service based technology that your company needs to understand and use!

Email is one of the most critical services a company uses. A smaller company often chooses not to have a physical email server on site due to complexity or management issues. So they use an ISP to host it for them. That is often great, but has limitations on how Outlook works (calendar and contact sharing, etc.)

Microsoft Services:

bulletExchange Online
bulletSharePoint Online
bulletSkype for Business - Live Meetings
bulletAnd many more services
Enter Exchange Online from Microsoft. This is a simple service that includes SPAM filtering, mail account and Outlook Web Access - which looks almost exactly like the software you run on your PC but you only need a web page to get to it.

Another hosted service is called SharePoint Online and it is fantastic for sharing of large documents between a team of people that are outside of your physical office (think users that have laptops, or business partners that you collaborate with.) SharePoint is a web based place to share work. It use to require that you download software and run it on your hardware which is sometimes difficult to set up. Not anymore. It can be purchased for a very small monthly fee

There are several other services - give ACE a call to walk through the details or take a look at them in further detail at the Microsoft purchasing site. If you have more general product questions Microsoft has a new site with more pre-sales here. Once you have reviewed the products and have more questions or need a details quote, ACE is here to help.


Office 365 is the broad name for the suite of products that include Exchange Online, SharePoint online, Skype For Business and more. See more at Office365.

    Links to CRM Online:


Currently a separate suite of products from Office 365...Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a Customer Relationship tool and is now available in an online format.


Check out the details and sign up for a 30-day free evaluation CRM Online.

   Links to Microsoft AZURE:


One of the hottest new online service offerings is on-demand computing. Companies that do not want to buy a server and set it up on site OR do not want to buy collocated rack space and have someone else manage your server now have the capability to buy on-demand computing.


People who have short projects that will collect data and possibly need a SQL server database for only a few days weeks or months now have a new low cost option to rapidly deploy a server, run it and then shut it down or archive it.


Click here for a little more information. AZURE

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SkyDrive Login: click here
** Note: you will need a Windows Live Login to access this area online...
    it is free to create and you can use your own email address.

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