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Today email marketing is almost a required element part of your business. It is critical for you to be able to communicate quickly and easily with all of your customer base or just select groups. But let's face it - who has the time to manually create large lists and risk sending email that will either get blocked as SPAM or Junk Mail...or risk sending to someone who has already told you DO NOT send me email. Any of these or other scenarios can be very frustrating.

That is why you need to use some sort of automated program to send email and automatically remove people from lists that do not want to be there.

Enter Constant Contact!

This web based system requires that you install NO software. It is fully automated and it is easy to get started and work with it in a team.

Call ACE and have a trial account set up for you today


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Either way, stop thinking about emailing and get started communicating with your customers!


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