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BACKUP & Recovery


Data is one of the most valuable assets you own but do not manage well...


What is backup?

Backups are copies of files and pictures at a specific moment in time.



What kinds of backups are there?

There are total backups that take every file every time and then there are incremental backups that only take changed files. Total backups have everything in one backup and take a long time to complete. Incremental backups run faster but do not have every file.

Additionally there are are online backups that never disconnect from the Internet or a PC/Server for storage. As such these backups are always available for recovery. There are offline backups that are disconnected from power systems and in some kind of "off" state and as such are protected from real time changes, deletion or tampering.

Also there are Onsite and Offsite backups. Onsite are handy because they can quickly be tested and used for recovery. Offsite are good because in the case of a flood, fire, earthquake  or other disaster, these files are in a safe place and not likely to be destroyed along with the original files on PC's and Servers.



How does a backup protect me?

When you have a copy of a file in a safe place, you can "go-back" to that version of file when you need it. This is extremely useful when the file is a customer database or a list of receivables that are owed to your business or TAX receipts showing that your have already paid your bills.



What does a backup protect me from?

Backups protect against accidental over-write or delete of a file, and can also be used to prove date and time of when something was written or created. Backups give your business the ability to continue on quickly when something bad like a fire, flood or earthquake comes unexpectedly.



How fast can I "recover" from a backup?

There are basically two kinds of recovery: 1) online recovery and 2) recovery from an unplugged data copy. Online restoration of files is the fastest but is also vulnerable to some extent because it is online. Unplugged backups are the most secure because an overload to the electrical system or a flood will not destroy these backups if they are in a different place.



What are the things I need to know but do not know how to ask?

Which backup is best?
Which kind of backup should I use?
How do I get started?
What is I already have a backup system? Should I have more than one?

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BACKUP Matrix  


ACE Recommended Backup Solutions

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